Verizon 4G Data Plans discounted, AT&T Price Changes

Verizon 4G Data Plans
Responding to the recent changes from T-Mobile and AT&T, Verizon Wireless will double monthly data allowances for some customers and include international text messaging under existing plans. This is the first change in prices by Verizon Wireless in nearly two full years and is in direct response to recent data and price competition from the major competition including AT&T and T-Mobile as well as local competition including Alaska’s GCI. Continue reading

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Apple iPhone Phablet

Word is out; the new and larger iPhone phablet is reportedly to debut in as early as May 2014. Additionally, the new iPhone 6 is scheduled to launch in September 2014.

The Apple iPhone phablet is the once just rumored but soon to be reality larger version of the most popular smart phone ever offered. The iPhone phablets will reportedly come with a display that’s larger than 5 inches making this a very popular choice in todays highly demanding market. Also rumored will be a 20 nanometer processor made by TSMC that’s going to be an all new A8 processor or a reworked and upgraded version of the A7 CPU. Samsung manufactures the current 64-bit A7 processor used by the iPhone 5s and 2013 iPad models, on a HKMG 28 nanometer process.

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Primary Cell Providers in Alaska

Primary Alaska Cell Coverage and cell service providers in Alaska include AT&T, Verizon Wireless, GCI (General Communication Inc.) and ACS (Alaska Communications System).

  • AT&T Wireless = Largest and fastest 4G network in Alaska, Local Service Centers around Alaska.
  • Verizon Wireless = Available in a broad spectrum of areas. Good 4G service in major cities.
  • GCI = Local provider with good service and responsive customer service.
  • ACS Cell Service = Smaller but popular in Anchorage and vicinity. Poor customer service.

Disclaimer: These are our personal opinions as current or prior customers of all four networks. GCI was only tested while a provider for Verizon.

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Best Cell Service in Alaska

Visitors to the great State of Alaska often ask us which of the carriers do we consider to offer the best cell coverage in Alaska; and which offer the worst too. To the first question we emphatically answer AT&T. Hands down, AT&T cell service in Alaska seems to have the broadest coverage, strongest signals, fewest dropped calls and as of recently, the fastest mobile WiFi too.

AT&T offers the Best Cell Service in Alaska from our experience. Others offering good coverage in Alaska include Verizon, GCI and ACS Alaska. For our money, we have not found the coverage or services of these companies to offer the same great service as AT&T Cellular.

Best Cell Coverage in Alaska

In 2012, AT&T Wireless became the first mobile service provider to roll out 4G LTE service in Anchorage, Alaska. AT&T beat local Alaskan companies of GCI and ACS to offer 4G LTE in Anchorage. This was shortly followed by Verizon Wireless in 2013 and stiff competition for data supremacy in the Alaska soon followed. Today, these two are running hard to gain a margin in this new cellular frontier. When it comes to who is the best cell provider in Alaska, hands down these two are fighting for that honor.

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Alaska AT&T 4G WiFi Coverage on the Kenai Peninsula.

We need to speak a little bit about the updated AT&T 4G WiFi Coverage on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. AT&T Wireless Services has once again added to their already stellar communications network on the Kenai Peninsula with a new tower in the vicinity of the Tesoro Refinery along the North Road headed towards Nikiski.

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ACS Alaska Internet

We are down on the Kenai Peninsula trying our best to get some work done using the ACS Alaska Internet services. Unfortunately for us our work requires the use of the internet and the only thing available here is that cheesy ACS Alaska Internet service that would have been considered slow 10 years ago. Just trying to log in and stay logged in has been next to impossible with ACS Alaska Internet barely able to pull up the home page of Google. Continue reading

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iPhone 5s Might Be Here in June, 2013

When will the iPhone 5s be available in Alaska? Pretty soon as the stateside release date of June should coincide with the release date here in Alaska.

While it seems like the iPhone 5 just hit the market, rumors are surfacing of an all new, and even larger, iPhone that’s about to be released. As it’s being told the new phone will have a 4.8-inch screen making the new iPhone more competitive to the current smartphones like Samsung’s popular 4.8-inch Galaxy S III.

Currently being dubbed the new iPhone 5s what we understand is the phone will take the current 4 inch iPhone 5 retina screen a bit further by enlarging the viewing area to 4.8 inches. The original iPhone’s had a 3.5-inch since debuting back in 2007. While 4.8 inches may not sound like a large number the actual viewing area is considerable.

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$45 a month Unlimited Data iPhone 5

Is Walmart’s no-contract, $45 a month iPhone 5 really the best deal out there?

The retailer’s dirt cheap monthly plan could save you hundreds, but there might be another great option for you, if you’re flexible

This week Walmart sucker-punched the mobile industry when it announced that it would start selling iPhones for a ridiculous deal using Straight Talk, a no-contract carrier: $45 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data. Or you can pay $60 a month to add unlimited international calls to select countries.

That sound you hear is AT&T and Verizon trying to get their wind back. Continue reading

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Does AT&T have 4g in Alaska?

A common question we here is Does AT&T have 4g in Alaska? Well this depends on what you want to call 4G. AT&T offers their version of 4G called HSPA+. Although this system is 3 times faster than the standard 3G services it still lags behind the actual 4G download speeds of other companies especially Verizon’s ultra hot LTE.
NOTE: Verizon will not be offering their 4G LTE in Alaska until sometime in 2013.

HSPA+ stands for “Evolved High Speed Packet Access” and when loosely defined it can be regarded as 4G. This is not to say that AT&T doesn’t have the faster LTE 4G too. If your connecting via the new iPad 3 you are getting actual LTE service, it’s just not running on the iPhone yet.

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AT&T Showing 4G on iPhone 4s

AT&T iPhone 4s with 4G service in Alaska.Like many of you have reported noting, after upgrading the operating system on the new Apple iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1 the little icons on the iPhones are then showing the phone is receiving 4G where the older 3G service had been the norm. As exciting as that sounds, the phone is not sending nor receiving data any faster than before… What gives? Well it seems that AT&T was tired of being left in the dust by Verizon’s super hot 4G LTE network so in the new operating system is the ability for their iPhones to connect to a 4G network if one should become available.

4G on iPhone 4s & iPad 3

The iPhone 4s is not quite the same as the ultra hot new Apple iPad 3 that is also showing 4G services but unlike the iPhone 4s where none actually exists, the iPad 3 is actually receiving 4G from AT&T. Sure the ability of the iPhone 4s may be to receive 4G but why not hold off showing it tell it is actually receiving this service from AT&T like it does from Verizon Wireless.

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